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Internet Users In Sub-Saharan Africa

Data courtesy of World Bank

The above calculations and data projections are courtesy of the World Bank.

The African digital gap:

Huge increase in connectivity on the continent, however:

  • Lack of relevant local content
  • Outdated content models
  • Limited local platforms available for the larger community to share their stories
  • Poor access to hyper-local information

How we solve it:

  • Umuntu Media’s passion for local African content started in 2010 with the launch of nine iPortals across the continent. We employed local editorial teams in each of the countries and quickly grew to become a top 10 local site and Facebook page in all the countries we entered. Umuntu Media then expanded its product set and launched the award winning Mimiboard technology. Mimiboard facilitated content creation and aggregation for media partners across the continent and quickly grew to attract more than 5 million visits per month.

    The experience, technology lessons and partnerships formed over the last years placed us in a unique position to build technology products that matter.

    Our engineers have been working over the last few months to take the original iPortals and our Mimiboard technology, integrate the two products and relaunch as Mimispot.

Access to information is a critical part of the development of this continent.
Information leads to more knowledge, transparency, self-education and improvement. Umuntu Media is becoming the Pan-African local-content provider and one of the leading forces driving digital change.