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Internet Users In Sub-Saharan Africa

Data courtesy of World Bank

The above calculations and data projections are courtesy of the World Bank.

The African digital gap:

Huge increase in connectivity on the continent, however:

  • Lack of relevant local content
  • Outdated content models
  • Limited local platforms available for the larger community to share their stories
  • Poor access to hyper-local information

How we solve it:

  • We established country-specific content and information portals across Africa (currently nine countries, expanding to eighteen)
  • We make use of our proprietary technology (Mimiboard) to facilitate:
    • access to hyper-local content
    • the enabling of user-generated local content
  • We share our technology (Mimiboard) with large media organisations across the continent to the benefit of the African masses

Access to information is a critical part of the development of this continent.
Information leads to more knowledge, transparency, self-education and improvement. Umuntu Media is becoming the Pan-African local-content provider and one of the leading forces driving digital change.