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We have a very simple mission: to deliver relevant local content on world class platforms across Africa.

Our business is driven by certain key principles. Always question the norm. Never be boring. And always embrace new technology to directly serve the market that wants it. After all, a publisher that owns a tech platform is the publisher of the future.


Our Products


We own and operate the iPortal family across Africa, nine world class content portals syndicating up-to-the-minute local and international news, lifestyle content and a huge database of restaurant and accommodation listings.

These portals not only give us insight into and access to the markets, but the time in market was invaluable for Umuntu Media. Our future strategy and rollout is all based on insight and knowledge we gained from these markets.

During the next phase Mimiboard will play a critical role in our content creation structure. This will enable us to launch into nine additional countries and build content editorial teams on the ground.


Mimiboard makes the long-sought dream of legitimate native advertising a reality, offering unprecedented value for both publishers and brands.

For brands: Mimiboards let brands collect real-time commentary from multiple social media channels, curate it to optimise messaging and display it in customised formats. These displays can appear in proprietary websites, traditional digital advertising spaces, existing social media profiles, on publisher sites and even within point-of-sale or event spaces. The result is centralized, amplified and highly-leveraged conversations, all in one place.

For publishers: Offering Mimibord technology to advertisers represents a significant competitive advantage for publishers, and an innovative, distinctive experience for consumers. However it also offers the ability to collect and curate feature-rich, user-generated news-content from disjointed social media channels. Mimiboard allows makes it possible to offer real-time, on-the-ground news with little cost and effort.

Quick Summary:

  • Mimiboard allows publishers and brands to capture, amplify and contribute to conversations, strengthening relationships and increasing impact. visibility
  • Mimiboard brings native advertising to life.
  • Mimiboard is where comments become conversations. It’s where brands, publishers and consumers meet.
  • Mimboard is where comments become high-value conversations, and where brands come to life.
  • Everyone knows that what people say about your brand is important. Mimiboard lets you amplify and support those conversations.
  • Getting comments is great. Having conversations is better – with Mimiboard.

About Us

Johan Nel
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Johan Nel


Umuntu media founder and CEO, online publishing and media expert, tech entrepreneur and passionate African. Johan conceived Umuntu Media when he was researching a family holiday to Namibia and he realised that there was a huge gap for credible, up-to-date local content. Johan developed the concept for Umuntu using his experience as a marketing and new media specialist. Since 2009 he has drawn on his considerable energy and passion to build Umuntu into the tech leader it is today.

Jaco Liebenberg
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Jaco Liebenberg

Operations Manager

Online marketing specialist and savvy technologist. Jaco brings his experience in digital marketing and web development to lead the operations at Umuntu. Jaco works with Johan in ensuring Umuntu Media runs smoothly, whether deploying a new portal to the world, or talking technology at industry conferences.

eVA Fund

eVA Fund


eVentures Africa Fund (eVA Fund) invested in Umuntu Media from the start of our journey. In September 2011, eVA provided USD1m in funding, which will take us and our portals to Africa and the world. eVA invests in small and medium sized African internet and mobile related companies, focusing on capital and business development support. The target region is sub-Saharan Africa. Website: www.eva-fund.com

Our Products

www.mimiboard.com www.izambia.co.zm www.itanzania.co.tz www.izimbabwe.co.zw www.ibotswana.co.bw www.iangola.co.ao www.inamibia.co.na www.irwanda.rw www.imozambique.co.mz www.iuganda.ug